It is time to start playing squash outdoors!

Squash played outside in the fresh air with your friends and other squash enthusiasts of this great sport. Practising the healthiest sport and meeting new people at the same time: Can it get any better?!

The OutdoorSquashCourt does not need any major preparations. Only an even foundation of 10x12 meters, which can handle the weight of the court, is necessary for its installation. The ideal solution is primarily a concrete slab, but other surfaces like tarmac for instance are also suitable. Thanks to this we can install the OutdoorSquashCourt on various locations.
The Structure
The bearing structure of our squash court is made of a steel frame, including long-lasting corrosion protection. Thus, you can enjoy squash in almost any weather and forget about corrosion or other related topics for a long time!
The Walls
We also paid particular attention to the walls, which are made of specially designed high pressure laminate boards. These boards can withstand not only the constant ball hitting, but also harsh outdoor conditions that include frequent temperature changes or UV exposure. All of this with minimal maintenance.
The Floor
When designing the floor, we thought about the fact that it has to be durable and easy to install. However, at the same time it also needs to allow for optimal player movement and provide a uniform ball bounce over its entire surface. The result is a custom-made UV resistant floor which provides a maximum playing comfort in outdoor conditions.
(lights, cover, appearance) In addition to the basic setup of the outdoor court, we also offer a wide range of add-ons to your requirements. Specifically, a customized appearance of the court so that it fits into the surrounding environment as well as optional lighting or roofing.

Court Installation Timelapse

This video shows a timelapse of the court installation and a sequence of how each step is followed by the next.

As you can see all preparation needes is a levelled concrete (tarmac) slab. The court itself is then installed using regular hand tools, mobile scaffolding and scissor lift.

The installation took five in total, and everyone involved was already eager to start playing. The team finished the marking lines on the walls and floor and that was it!

Outdoor Squash Court Options

The court can be fitted to different environments (leisure setup, industrial setup), which is a subject to individual preference. Not only does it play well, it also adopts to different locations.

It can also be equipped with lights to enable evening/night playing.

Step by step installation

An animation showing how the court is built step by step.

Outdoor Squash is Social

Playing squash outdoor does not only allow people to play, it also demonstrates our sport in the public, allows people to meet and socialize, creates awareness and offers a great way to spend time.

Court testing and players experience

The first installed court was tested in a sunny environment and we were excited that the ball visibility was perfect. We tested the floor after a short rain shower without any extra drying and we did not experience any slipping and could play almost immediately. On top of that we could enjoy our sport out in the fresh air and the sunny weather. Squash was always defined as one the healthiest sports there is – now being outdoors, this elevates it even higher!

Step by step

Additional information and contacts

Outdoor squash is not only a dream anymore, it is a reality. Try it out yourself!

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Try it out!

Our newly designed squash court is equipped with the latest technology and features to enhance your playing experience. You'll have the opportunity to play a few friendly matches, test the court's responsiveness and attributes. Feel free to bring your friends, we are happy to help you out. We look forward to seeing you and sharing the joy of squash!